What is Security ChatOps?

ChatOps is one of the hot topics within the cyber security circles today. In this article, we will take a closer look at what it is and why it is useful especially in incident response.

What is Security ChatOps?

The concept of Security ChatOps has a rather straightforward definition: It is a platform that allows the conduction of conversation-driven investigations. In this platform, your cyber security professionals, chatbots and various security tools are present. Thus, the communication between all the parties concerned with the security of your organization is fast and efficient.

Why is ChatOps useful?

ChatOps allows your security team to streamline various incident response processes. For instance, let’s say that there has been a security incident that requires immediate attention. The incident response unit amongst your security team has to keep in constant touch with other members of the team. For this purpose, they need a window of an app like WhatsApp or Skype. Also, they will need a window to run necessary commands and carry out the investigation. Furthermore, they will also need a window for ticket management or e-mails, so that they can document their incident response process.

You must be able to imagine how hectic it can get with three different windows running and a task concerning a stress inducing security incident. Yet with the help of ChatOps, your security team can do everything they need to do within one single window: documentation, incident investigation and communication with other team members. Moreover, ChatOps also incorporates various security tools and chatbots in order to make incident response easier and more streamlined for your security team.

What are the benefits of ChatOps?

ChatOps can significantly alleviate the stress of incident response and allow your team to bounce back faster from serious incidents.

The first and maybe most important benefit of ChatOps is its ability to shorten the incident response time considerably. If your organization utilizes more than one security tool, it means going back and forth between various dashboards in the event of a security incident. With ChatOps, you can integrate every security tool and solution you employ in one single window. Moreover, you can easily run commands.

Secondly, ChatOps offers a more transparent incident response process. In the event of a security incident, every member of your security team can communicate efficiently and see what commands are run by other members. With improved team visibility allowed by ChatOps, your team can work much more efficiently.

And finally, ChatOps allows your organization to keep track of all the necessary incident response data. Since all the commands, communications and investigations are gathered together within the ChatOps, you can archive this valuable data with only one click. If you face an untimely personnel change or need to educate the new recruit quickly and thoroughly, you can easily refer to the great archive of ChatOps. This vault of information provided by ChatOps proves useful especially when your team has to respond to an unprecedented incident. They can retain information on similar incidents and plan their move in the light of previous successful responses. Additionally, SOAR solutions might help you to response to incidents on time, automate and escalate to the team







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