Vulnerability Management Solutions

What is vulnerability management? Why you need it? What components does an efficient vulnerability management tool have? You can find answers to these questions and much more in our article.

What is vulnerability management?

A vulnerability is the exploitable spot on the façade of your security. Vulnerability management involves the detection of  vulnerabilities and their alleviation process.

Vulnerability detection practices allow your security professionals to enhance the security posture of your organization and provide a better protection from malicious attacks.

What are the components of vulnerability management?

There are three main components of an efficient vulnerability management operation. Below you can find detailed information on these components and how you can implement them.

  1. Identification

First step of vulnerability management is the identification of vulnerabilities. In order to fix vulnerabilities, you need to know what they are. That is why your security operations must involve a habitual scan for vulnerabilities. It is best that you look for weak spots of security measures on a regular basis. Moreover, you must go through all the assets of your organization: mobile assets, cloud assets, assets on the premise, assets on a detached location etc.

  1. Prioritization

It is highly possible that you will come across multiple vulnerabilities in each scan. In such instances, you must prioritize these vulnerabilities. Which one must be resolved as soon as possible? Which ones can be postponed?

While deciding which vulnerabilities require the most immediate action, you need to consider the business impact, the assets that can be affected by the said vulnerability and the context in which the vulnerability exists.

Being able to prioritize issues and vulnerabilities allows your security team to manage them more efficiently.

  1. Remediation

After the identification and prioritization process comes remediation. There are various methods and solutions in accordance with the nature and context of the vulnerability in discussion. There is no doubt that your cyber security team can find and implement the most appropriate one yet the ‘remediation’ step does not end with just the implementation. In order to make sure that the issue has been resolved indeed, it is essential to run several tests and report the issue in detail.

Moreover, if your organization is bound by regulatory laws, you must check if the solution complies with related regulatory standards and benchmarks.

Why do you need vulnerability management?

You need an efficient vulnerability management protocol, simply because the security posture of your organization is as good as its most exploitable vulnerability. Regardless of how thick your defence wall is, it is a weak one if there are holes in it that allows malicious 3rd parties in.

If you want to make sure that your valuable data and systems are safe, you need to implement vulnerability management solutions.

What are the best vulnerability management solutions?

In order to successfully detect the weak spots of your security measures, you need to be able to access and process huge amounts of data. With the information provided by the past security incidents, network traffic, user activities and such, it is possible to detect vulnerabilities with an impressive accuracy rate.

That is why, the best vulnerability management solutions are the ones that can be integrated with AI supported security measures, SIEM, SOAR and such tools that have a rather wholistic approach to cyber security.


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