What is a SIEM Use Case?

In regard to rising trends and forms of attacks, a growing number of organizations opt for SIEM solutions so that they can provide a proactive measure for threat management and also acquire a detailed and centralized view of the overall security measures of their organization. Since SIEM is the foundation of a security infrastructure, there are large varieties of SIEM use cases.

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What is better for your business - an MSSP SIEM or an on-site SIEM?

What are Next SIEM Technologies?

An industry that is worth more than $2 billion, SIEM keeps growing and evolving. The first instances of SIEMs appeared as descendants of numerous security technologies: LSM, SIM, SLM/SEM, SEC and such. The earliest versions were so limited that they were barely able to scale across large companies and were rather slow. They also needed huge teams to manage thus raising the costs ever-higher.

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What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability management is one of the core responsibilities of a security team. It covers assessing, reporting and if needed, mitigating on an organization’s security vulnerabilities. Yet vulnerabilities can be tackled with if and if only they are known to the IT security team. In order to find out vulnerabilities of a system or software, vulnerability scanning is conducted. It is a security technique whose purpose is identifying security weaknesses in a system. It can be conducted by individuals or network administrators for security reasons but also by hackers in order to identify the best way to gain access to a network or system.

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How to Ensure Physical Security of Your Company's IT Infrastructure?

How to Ensure Physical Security of Your Company’s IT Infrastructure?

Physical security includes measures and precautions designed to guarantee the physical protection of IT assets such as facilities, equipment and other properties from damage and unauthorized physical access. Physical security aims to protect such assets from physical threats like theft, manmade catastrophes, accidental damage, fire and other natural disasters. It is an essential part of a security plan and is an indispensable component of all security efforts.

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