Effective use of SIEM

How to Use SIEM Effectively?

In the last article, we talked about the top 5 SIEM reports and how you can generate them on the Logsign SIEM platform. We covered reports related to user accounts, file access, user/group changes, threats, and attacks. This article will show how you can effectively use the Logsign SIEM platform along the lines of the most popular use cases. A use case is defined as a series of actions or events between a system and a user that achieve a particular goal.

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SIEM solution

What does a SIEM solution do?

It is not a hidden fact that threats in our cyberspace are continuously evolving. While they are getting sophisticated and complicated over time, a business cannot sit and wait for the attackers to exploit a vulnerability and disrupt an organization’s business operations. Absolute security is a state of oblivion and businesses must strive to achieve the maximum possible level of security. As modern-day businesses adopt a multi-fold strategy of measures and solutions to protect their IT infrastructure, they invest in people, processes, and technology to ensure that they are covered from all the ends. In this article, we explore what a SIEM solution is and how it helps our clients in ensuring the security of their technical infrastructure.

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Developing security monitoring use cases for SIEM

At Logsign, we believe that every one of our clients faces a unique set of threats. There can be overlapping; however, it would be highly rare that two organizations face the same set of threats. Accordingly, when you are using a SIEM solution like Logsign SIEM, there will be use cases that are more important to your business than others. If you have used a SIEM tool previously, you know that a SIEM is a powerful tool to identify the smallest of threats in your entire technical infrastructure. However, for this to happen, use cases should be correctly defined and searched in the right location.

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SIEM use cases

Making SIEM Use Cases

While threats continue to evolve every day, modern-day businesses cannot remain in oblivion and wait for the attackers to exploit a vulnerability or disrupt their business operations. Logsign experts recommend that businesses should be proactive while dealing with their cybersecurity. As a proactive measure, many of our clients have implemented Logsign SIEM solution to get a single-point view of their organization’s security posture. In this article, we are looking at how we can create a use case on the Logsign SIEM platform.

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