data management on SIEM

Data Management on Logsign SIEM: What you must know

Log data plays an unparalleled role in the operation and functioning of a SIEM solution. Or in other words, logs are intrinsic for an effective SIEM solution. Without incoming log data from a variety of different sources in your IT infrastructure, a SIEM essentially becomes useless. In our previous posts, we have explored a variety of features of Logsign SIEM concerning dashboards, reports, search queries, alerts, and behavior definitions. In this article, we explore data management on Logsign SIEM.

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log management with SIEM

Logging of security events in SIEM

Effective logging of events and activities in an organization’s technical infrastructure exponentially boosts the capabilities of its SIEM solution. In this article, we explore how logs are leveraged in a SIEM solution. First off, log entries can be helpful for multiple purposes such as security, performance analysis, troubleshooting, etc. Considering the size of a modern enterprise’s IT technical infrastructure, monitoring the network alone is not a favorable approach. With a growing number of applications, endpoint devices, and services, event logs must be collected from all such applications, endpoints, and services.

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Dashboards on SIEM

What are The Types of Dashboards in a SIEM Solution?

Dashboards are an integral component of any effective SIEM solution. After log data is aggregated from different sources, a SIEM solution prepares the data for analysis after normalization. The outcomes of this analysis are presented in the form of actionable insights through dashboards. Many SIEM solutions come with pre-configured dashboards to simplify the onboarding process for your team. Besides, an ideal solution should also allow an organization to customize dashboards as per its requirements. In this article, we discuss various types of dashboards available on Logsign SIEM.

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