SIEM use cases

Making SIEM Use Cases

While threats continue to evolve every day, modern-day businesses cannot remain in oblivion and wait for the attackers to exploit a vulnerability or disrupt their business operations. Logsign experts recommend that businesses should be proactive while dealing with their cybersecurity. As a proactive measure, many of our clients have implemented Logsign SIEM solution to get a single-point view of their organization’s security posture. In this article, we are looking at how we can create a use case on the Logsign SIEM platform.

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customize your reports on SIEM

How to Customize a Report on Logsign SIEM?

In the last article, we discussed various types of reports a SIEM solution offers. We also threw light on how reports are arranged block-wise on Logsign SIEM along with other features. In this article, we explore how you can customize an existing report to suit your requirements. To start with, go to the Reports and Analysis section and select any report that you wish to customize.

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