data management on SIEM

Data Management on Logsign SIEM: What you must know

Log data plays an unparalleled role in the operation and functioning of a SIEM solution. Or in other words, logs are intrinsic for an effective SIEM solution. Without incoming log data from a variety of different sources in your IT infrastructure, a SIEM essentially becomes useless. In our previous posts, we have explored a variety of features of Logsign SIEM concerning dashboards, reports, search queries, alerts, and behavior definitions. In this article, we explore data management on Logsign SIEM.

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Why Is Logging Ecosystem So Important?

The logging ecosystem or a logging infrastructure is the set of all components and parts that work together to generate, filter, normalize, and store log messages. The purpose of this logging system is to use logs for solving particular problems. For example, the logs can help to find out the source of the attack. This article defines each component of logging ecosystem and illustrates how they work.

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