The Role of SIEM and SOAR

Importance of Cybersecurity and The Role of SIEM and SOAR

In the world of cyber warfare, businesses are constantly under threats due to the ever-growing, sophisticated cyber-attacks. With the widespread use of technology; a surge in connected devices and advancement in computational techniques, cyber pests are also accelerating attacks proportionally and posing massive damage to organizations in terms of data breaches, compliance issues, and reputational damage. According to a recent survey conducted in the UK, 43% of all the businesses have experienced some form of cyber-attack in the last 12 months. To thwart this situation, cybersecurity has become an integral part of any organization. Having a robust cybersecurity posture can save your organization from the menace of cyber-attacks and give your top management a piece of mind. Nowadays, cybersecurity provides multi-layer security to company’s IT infrastructure, usually, through various information security tools and techniques such as IPS, IDS, cryptography, firewalls, authentication systems, antiviruses and, more importantly, the SIEM and SOAR. They have a crucial role in achieving the overall security endeavors of any organization.

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Emerging Technologies and Threat Trends in Cyberspace

There are a lot of definitions of cyberspace. Military agencies typically consider it the fifth domain after space, sea, air, and the land. However, there is a fundamental difference between these four domains and the cyberspace, which is that (unlike cyberspace) these four are geographical in nature. Whereas, cyberspace is a dynamic field. It does not hold any specific geographical area. We can say that cyberspace can be embedded in all other domains as it is transforming continuously. With its expansion, threat or attack surfaces are also expanding proportionally.

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