Coronavirus Impact on Cyber Security

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is increasing tremendously and disrupting the global health at large extent, in addition to the damages to economics, social and political systems. More importantly, the digital world is also on the verge of destruction because, due to this menace, the people at large scale are compelled to work remotely and doing so will make them rely heavily on remote communication and digital tools. The cyber attackers are capitalizing this situation and attempting to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

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What is better for your business - an MSSP SIEM or an on-site SIEM?

What’s better: On-site SIEM or MSSP SIEM?

If an organization properly implements a SIEM solution, it efficiently draws attention towards warning signs as well as suspicious activity within the network. With the ever-evolving cyber space, continuous security monitoring has become exceedingly important. The benefits of SIEM also extend to understanding business and technology environments, monitoring availability and performance, issue diagnosis, and creation of a report on network activities.

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Introduction to Threat Intelligence and Types

The phrase Threat Intelligence has slowly gained significance in the information security community and their discussions. With the decision makers considering it as a high priority requirement, vendors have launched an array of products which are indeed confusing for an executive with the managerial background. This is an introductory post in our series of detailed discussion on threat intelligence.

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Questions You Should Ask Your Cloud-Based Log Management Service Provider

The log management service is often outsourced to a third-party service provider due to the complexity of the process involved in the collection of logs. When a business plans for outsourcing log management to a service provider, business requirements must be given a top-most priority. To start with, a business must identify the goals it desires to accomplish through log management. After locating the required resources, the decision-making body should select a vendor for availing its services.

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