SIEM features

Must-Have Features of a Modern SIEM

Initially, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions were readily adopted because of their capability to provide actionable insights into the deep corners of an organization’s network. Legacy SIEM systems helped in understanding when and where security incidents are happening in real-time. Soon enough, these SIEM systems faced an avalanche of false positives, and they required a dedicated team to filter out irrelevant alerts.

Following this, we saw the emergence of next-generation SIEM solutions that provide functionalities and features that were not available with legacy or first-generation SIEM solutions. In this article, we demonstrate the features of a modern, next-gen SIEM solution.

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Why do we need automation in Security? – An Introduction to SOAR

Pick up any industry and you will realize that every one has gone through an evolution – from being entirely dependent on humans to being now run majorly by machines and automated processes. There comes a point, for every industry, where in order to function efficiently and effectively operate, automation becomes a necessity. In the case of cyber security, this necessity is driven by exponentially increasing complexity of threats, volume of data being recorded, financial limitations, personnel requirements, and other resource constraints. Supply chain, human resources, finances & accounting, manufacturing, IT, etc. are some of the industries that have already been influenced by the wave of automation.

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