Security Orchestration, Automation, And Response (SOAR) Overview


As per Gartner definition, SOAR is the set of technologies that allow enterprises to collect security threats’ alerts and data from multiple sources, and then perform incident analysis and remediation process by using both human skills and machine power together to help in defining, prioritizing, and driving standardized incident response activities in accordance with a standard workflow. The SOAR tools enable companies to describe incident analysis and response procedures, also known as “Plays” in a Security Operations Playbook, in a digital workflow format.

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What Makes SOC Effective? People, Process, and Technology

In the evolving world of technology, cybersecurity threats are growing exponentially and, therefore, enterprises are seeking for standardized and automated Security Operation Centers (SOCs) to address these threats effectively. Though SOC standardization and Automation is of paramount importance, yet there are some other critical factors that must be considered when building an effective and reliable SOC.

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Top Facts About Security Operation Centers In Cybersecurity You Need To Know

A Security Operation Center (SOC) can be either a team who works 24/7 in shifts or a facility dedicated and well-organized to detect, prevent, assess, and respond to cyber-threats and incidents and helps to achieve compliance requirements.

According to the Future SOC: SANS 2017 Security Operation Center Survey, “A SOC is a team that is primarily composed of security analysts organized to analyze, detect, respond, report, and prevents the cybersecurity incidents.”

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How Can I Build a Cost-efficient SOC?

IT security breaches have become a norm of the day at innumerable organizations around the world. Most of the attacks indicate that the enterprises should highly focus on their mitigation capabilities, incident detection, and investigation processes. Preventing highly sophisticated cyber attacks is a daunting task unless companies have the capability to detect and then respond quickly. To accomplish this goal, some enterprises have 24/7 Security Operation Centers (SOCs) wherein teams of dedicated security analysts diligently monitor, detect, contain, and remediate IT threats across critical systems, devices, and applications, in their physical locations as well as private and public cloud environments.

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