Why Should You Investigate Security Threats

Why Should You Investigate Security Threats?

Cyber space is continuously evolving and so are the attack techniques employed by the attackers to harm a business, whether financial or reputational. With the increased malicious activities on the internet, cyber security is not a 9-to-5 job anymore. It requires continuous security monitoring of your organization’s technical infrastructure so that even if a security incident occurs, it is contained immediately and mitigated without causing large-scale damage to the organization.

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What is better for your business - an MSSP SIEM or an on-site SIEM?

What’s better: On-site SIEM or MSSP SIEM?

If an organization properly implements a SIEM solution, it efficiently draws attention towards warning signs as well as suspicious activity within the network. With the ever-evolving cyber space, continuous security monitoring has become exceedingly important. The benefits of SIEM also extend to understanding business and technology environments, monitoring availability and performance, issue diagnosis, and creation of a report on network activities.

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Security Orchestration, Automation, And Response (SOAR) Overview


As per Gartner definition, SOAR is the set of technologies that allow enterprises to collect security threats’ alerts and data from multiple sources, and then perform incident analysis and remediation process by using both human skills and machine power together to help in defining, prioritizing, and driving standardized incident response activities in accordance with a standard workflow. The SOAR tools enable companies to describe incident analysis and response procedures, also known as “Plays” in a Security Operations Playbook, in a digital workflow format.

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