Fortnite Security Flaw – 80 Million Accounts Exposed

With over 80 million players globally, Fortnite stands out as an undisputed champion when it comes to online gaming. Fortnite has been developed by Epic Games, an American game developer. However, it seems that the same cannot be said for Epic Games when it comes to security and protection of user data. Fortnite accounts for around 50% of Epic Games’ estimated value of $8.5 billion.[1] Considering this meteoric rise, it is only reasonable to accept that this game has already lured a plethora of attackers.

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French Data Protection Authority fines Google €50 million under the GDPR

France’s national data protection authority (CNIL — Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des Libertés) ordered its first sanction under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, or as commonly called as the GDPR. In this sanction, the CNIL fined Google a whopping €50 million because of Google’s failure to comply with the GDPR provisions when a user sets up his new Android phone and follows the subsequent process.

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Automating Incident Severity

Security Orchestration Use Case: How to Automate Incident Severity Assignment?

Is your CSIRT team facing too many security alerts? Is your SOC has various security products that are jumbled together? Are you worried about setting the sensitivity of each product? How a severity level should be assigned to each imminent incident? These questions are hard to answer by today’s security professionals. However, security orchestration plays a crucial role in helping experts to address these questions.

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